Chopped straw bales for livestock

Dual compression straw bales for livestock

Straw for animal bedding and feeding

cattle, sheep, goats, horses, ducks, chicks, and rabbits

Top quality straw that maximizes your livestock's health and productivity


High-quality straw for livestock

With more than 30 years of experience in the production and commercialisation of animal feed forage, we work hard every day to guarantee optimum condition in each of our products.

We want to offer you only the best, that is why our straw bales are subjected to rigorous analyses and supervision processes in our lab.

Special shape for a perfect fitting into export containers.


Our many years of experience in the production of straw bales ensure optimum fodder quality


The raw materials our bales are made from are carefully selected and subjected to strict quality criteria


We know that the health of your livestock is of paramount importance to you, that’s why it is also important to us


We produce and process the product making sure all its properties remain unalterable

Your livestock’s welfare & productivity is our
#1 priority

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